Independent Day-- the trip to Preveng

| June 30, 2007
Nov 11th 2006 was a remarkable day in Cambodia: 53rd Anniversary of Independent Day! Beside, it was also significant day for our community event in Trabek district, Prey Veng province. Though we were stuck few minutes because of the Independent Day's ceremony, where our university located near the monument, we could leave after a while of negotiation with police.

Notably, Kompong Trabek Primary School- it is the only one main school where all the children in the six villages had to come for their study. There were approximately more than 2,000 primary school pupils. But owing to the big amount of students and there were not enough classrooms for the students to study, two school were built in the other two communes in the Trabek district. But unfortunately, Most of every year, the pupils cannot go to school during rainy season because of flooding. Due to these reason, our team choose to come to this province again.

Be independent from illiteracy!!! is my slogan to remark 53rd Anniversary of Independent Day in Cambodia.


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