Explore a Rural Cambodian Community

| October 30, 2007
Get Trapped by Kids’ Smile and Kisses

It was an early morning of Monday 29th Oct 2007, when a group of youths from different institutions gathered in from of the University of Cambodia to depart for exploring a rural Cambodian Community in Kompong Speu province, organized by Youth Network for Change. This event would not be possible without friends' support and contributions. I therefore would like to thanks and appreciate their kinds.

After spending about 2-hour drive, we arrived the Orphan Care and Training Organization (OCTO) which is a center helping about 90 orphans whose parents were dying of HIV and these venerable kids are brought from other provinces such as Koh Kong, Kampong Cham, Kampong Thom and where else. It is located in Deiambel 1 Village, Trengtroyeung commune, Phnomsruoch District, Kampong Speu province.

It was my amazing experience with these kids. Their faces were wearing love and hope. Without delaying, our members choose 3 or 5 kids to set up a group to be able to discuss and help to educate them on health and socio-cultural arena. Then we gathered in a whole group to reflect on our discussion. They are so brave, intelligent and quick learners. They could performed traditional dances and played the jokes very well. Comparing to other kids I have met during the community explorations, I could see the different is that these orphans are taken cared and well-trained. Yet, their teachers are the young voluntarily youths who are still in high school and coming from different provinces. It is another impressive appreciation to them who is devoting their effort and time to help kids.

Young Voluntarily Teacher, they are in grade 10, 11 and 12 of High School.

From this exploration, what impressed me the most and trapped me to plan visiting them again is:

Kids’ warming smile. I have never been asked by kids what my name is! I was so excited. It meant that they were proposing a communication without waiting to be asked. What is more connected to these kids, they treated us like a very-known sisters or brothers. They kept asking us when we would come again to visit them. They leave me kisses which I can say that it was the first kiss I had received without asking (Generally, we always ask kids to kiss us).

At the moment I enjoyed this feeling, I recognized that these orphans needs more cares and love. They were so happy to have us visiting and playing with. I understand how lonely they are. Therefore, I would like appeal to everyone to help to:

“Do Not Discriminate the HIV-infected Kids or Kids whose parents were dying of HIV/AIDs”. They are the same as other normal kids. They have heart and they deserve more care.

“Protect Yourself from HIV/AIDs”. “Do not leave your bad legacy for the burden of your kids”. If it is not for your sack, Please think of our poor kids!!!

It is so sad that this cute kid have to be burdened by his father's legacy!

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