Advertisement should be monitored

| May 10, 2008
Advertisement should be monitored

In the past history, Cambodia experienced many political regimes in which democracy and freedom of expression were dangerously flouted and even completely repressed. At present since the Peace Accord signed in 1991, Cambodia has had a so-called "free" press for Asia with pluralistic media emerged. Today a growing number of print media hits the newsstands and the broadcast media fill the air and both media are competing in the market place. I acknowledged the government effort in improving the press rights and urged for further attempt for press freedom.

In stead of censoring on political related information, I suggest the government, especially the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Information, to monitor on advertisement as mainly aired on TV. In that, I noticed a recent advertisement for Susuki Viva 2009 is problematic. This advertisement appears to target on sexy girls rather than on the Motor; its content is not consistent and affect the Khmer Culture and disvalue the woman. Accordingly to the Press Law Article 14 states, “the press shall not publish anything which may effect the good customs of society, primarily….drawings or photographs depicting human genitalia or naked pictures, unless published for educational purposes…”. I supported the Prime Minister’s intervention earlier on a Beer advertisement, which depicted the sex encouragement. Therefore, I appeal for this measure to be continued and it should be a systematic mechanism of responsible ministries rather than individual [the prime minister] statement only.


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